Friday, March 20, 2020

Basic American History essays

Basic American History essays The callow new nation of America, like other new countries who preceded and followed it, needed to prove itself to the haughty, more established nations, and ground itself as a power in economics, politics, and commerce. During the 1790s, the mature and dignified manner which America portrayed itself, and its interaction with a tyrannical leader, King George III, shaped American politics, and made foreign powers eventually recognize the importance of America as a participant in world events. In 1783, with the Peace of Paris, the United States first became an organized nation. Europe had little respect for this new country, especially Great Britain, who was still bitter about becoming a former mother country, being defeated in the American Revolution by a spirited and nationalistic, however disorganized militia. The Peace of Paris set terms for the British that they outright ignored. For example, the British were to vacate all of their posts along the frontier. They refused to do so. This what are you going to do about it? attitude made the US realize that creating a nation respected among others would be difficult. Eventually, the British did abide by the treaty, but only after some resistance by American militiamen. This new nation needed a system of government. The Articles of Confederation were drafted as a sort of outline for government. There were some problems with these Articles. Because of the tyrannical mode in which the Americans were governed by the British, the Articles provided for measures against any kind of centralized government where a single man may eventually seize power. The states formed a bond of friendship with each other, rather than becoming a Union, which would require an executive overseer. American had had enough of King-like rulers, and would work against any power or sovereignty that could morph into a kind of monarchy. ...

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